Here to Save You Money

Welcome to My Home Flooring!

We deliver low-cost home flooring while maintaining quality. We cater to first home buyers, pre-sale installations, rental properties and those who just want a good carpet without paying the world for it.

How are we different?

  •  We are a simple, no frills operation so that we can pass savings onto our customers
  •  Both of our customer assistance team members, Lyall and Ben, have installation experience and can  give accurate estimates or quotes and foresee most issues before they become a problem
  •  We have consistently excellent reviews and 100% positive feedback on TradeMe
  •  We are an independent, family owned and operated business
  •  Our product ranges can be browsed without the interference of sales people (unless you would like    their assistance) and you won't  be bombarded by sales messages
  •  We have free Internet access readily available on site that you are welcome to use to look up    products and reviews

We deliver from Pukerua Bay and Lower Hutt down to Wellington CBD or you can stop by our Tawa showroom.

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